In 2021, there was a study that found people in the U.S. spend over 60% of their time in their homes. Because we spend so much time at home, it is important that we take precautionary measures to ensure that our little oasis within our home is safe for our health. Not only should you clean your carpets, hardwood floors, and other rooms within the home, but you should also make sure that you clean your furniture too. Your furniture can hold onto different levels of debris that can impact the quality of your home life, so don’t let your upholstery get forgotten in your cleaning efforts.

Allergens And Pollutants In Furniture – Boise

Your upholstered furniture accumulates dirt and dust differently than hard surfaces do. Other airborne particles can make their way into your upholstery as well, where they can become embedded into the furniture that lives in your home, compromising the quality of air. This especially occurs if you have pets. You will find that they can track dirt and dander into your home daily, where it sticks around by becoming absorbed by the fabrics of your furniture. Because your furniture absorbs different kinds of allergens or pollutants, it can also increase allergies or allergic reactions.

Germ Removal

Not only can your upholstered furniture harbor dirt and grime, but it can also easily collect germs. There are thousands of different types of germs that can be found in your home. Not to mention how many germs you come into contact with in a single day that you can then bring back home with you. While not all germs are harmful, your furniture can still hold onto them and have an accumulation. It is important to clean your upholstery to help prevent harmful bacteria or germs from making your home their home.

Odor Removal

Having pets or kids that run around your home and crawl on your furniture is another way that affects the quality of air within your home. All of the germs, dirt, and spills that can occur have the potential and ability to cause the air in your home to be compromised if you do not clean properly. This can also include the odors that can come from the kitchen while cooking or preparing your food. Properly cleaning your upholstery can help the quality of your home feel cleaner as it prevents the fabric or materials from holding onto pathogens that can leave an odor behind.

Cleaner Spaces For Kids And Pets

By cleaning your upholstery regularly, you can make it a safer environment for the children or pets within your home. Children are more susceptible to germs and allergens. Therefore, properly cleaning your home and making sure that you do not skip cleaning your upholstery can allow you to rest easy knowing that your children have a home to play in that provides a safe environment for their health.

Keeping Your Home Clean In Boise

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